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Welcome, welcome

2010-01-19 17:02:51 by TheCommander315

Poke around, listen to stuff, and resist the urge to down-vote heavily on the basis of instrumental quality.

Yet more new songs.

2009-11-19 18:39:23 by TheCommander315

You'd think I'd've learned my lesson by now, but I just need somewhere to host this shit.

'Nother new song...

2009-08-01 10:20:58 by TheCommander315

...that's going to get zero-bombed because nobody who respects the voting system ever comes across my work.

New song

2009-07-02 08:29:02 by TheCommander315

It's not really done yet, but I just need some feedback. Unfortunately, all I ever get are zero-voters.

Inactivity ahoy

2009-04-25 10:31:05 by TheCommander315

Too much stuff to do. Not enough time to upload music.


2009-01-16 15:32:28 by TheCommander315

How strange that after two hours on the most recent submissions list, my pieces NEVER score more than 3.00. Bad luck? Zero-voters? What the hell is it?


This song is proof that I have officially gone insane. /183765



2008-09-08 15:15:14 by TheCommander315

Managed to dig up my redone Red Static, and put that up. 3.83/5.00 is kinda low, though...


I haven't shown head or foot in the Audio Portal in such a huge friggen' while. When is somebody gonna show me some decent FREEWARE MP3 compression software? I really need to shave some megs out of my 8.8-meg, 9-minute song....


About time

2008-08-12 10:13:27 by TheCommander315

CelestialSticker's gonna remake some of my songs with FL Studio. Praise be!