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Great game

I really miss TT- In your Face. But even so, the concept is pretty killer.

Five and ten for you, dude!


Pretty awesome

It's always the simplest games that are the most addicting. The audio's awesome, too.

Five and ten for you, dude.


Soooo addicting!...

Man, I just can't stop playing this. Mad props to whoever came up with this.


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That beat is so infectious.

As all the others said, the piano is a bit too low in the mix. The guitar riff and drums definitely fit in with each other and the beat, and that string interlude at 2:35 is quite the interesting passage too, what with the piano sort of going through a key change there somewhere around 2:44.

Ahem. Yes. Very good song. 5/5, 9/10 and a download for you, sir.

Number7even responds:

Wow. Thank you for understanding the music. I really appreciate it. Good karma sent your way friend =)

This is...

...metal mastery of the first water.

Everything here is done excellently. And the vocals are -- gah! So haunting! I'm going to have nightmares tonight, that's for sure...

Five of five, ten of ten, a download, and a favorited artist for you, dude!


Goatchrist responds:

I'm glad you liked it so much, dude.

Thanks a hundred times!

Just awesome

I closed out my Last.fm radio before listening to this. A while later, I forgot I wasn't still listening to Last.fm.

That's how awesome your track sounds.

Five and ten, and a suggestion for you to check out Dragon Commander, my own attempt at making a symphonic metal piece. All of it is VST, unfortunately.


PS: What time signature is that song in? Is it 4/4 with all triplets or something like 12/8?

Dimoria responds:

Nice :) I'll check you out :) No , it's just a 4/4 track . But I made a song with just triplets both 8:s and 16:ths just because I get a feeling of action from it . I makes you pumped in a way :) I'll check your song out ofcourse :) Thanks for your extremly kind review :) Glad someone likes my stuff :) Cheers.

I'm into metal, but I use computer-generated instruments. Problem? Perhaps....

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